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Patient Testimonial: Overcoming the Challenge of My Unusually Long Roots

My Journey

I never thought that I’d be writing a testimonial about my teeth, but here I am. For anyone who has experienced dental issues, you’d understand how important it is to have professionals who know what they’re doing. My case was no ordinary one – I had unusually long roots on my lower left 1st molar and upper first molar, with lengths ranging from 25mm to 27mm. That’s where the team at Endo Elements stepped in.


The Process

I was referred to Jonathan Lee at Endo Elements for root canal treatment on these two molar teeth. I was nervous, given the complexity of my case, but the team reassured me and took time to explain the process of having a non-surgical root canal treatment process. Despite the daunting length of my roots and complex root system they skillfully carried out the treatment on both teeth. I was amazed at their precision and the care they took to ensure everything went smoothly. Jonathan was really kind and hugely professional.

I attended 3 times in all and the treatment went smoothly without any issues and most importantly without any pain.


Once they completed the root treatment, I was sent back to my general dentist for cuspal coverage of both teeth. Which meant I had to have the teeth crowned.  This step was crucial in protecting my treated

teeth and preventing any future issues.

Final Thoughts

Looking back, I can confidently say that Jonathan Lee at Endo Elements handled my challenging case with the utmost professionalism and expertise. It’s not every day you come across a person who can successfully navigate such complex root canal morphology.

I am grateful to them and my general dentist for their collaborative efforts in ensuring I received the best possible care. Today, I can smile without worry, knowing my teeth are in good shape. This experience has taught me the importance of specialised dental care, and I highly recommend the team at Endo Elements to anyone facing similar challenges.

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