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The Steps of Endodontic Treatment at Endo Elements in Leatherhead

Endodontic treatment, commonly known as root canal treatment, is a crucial dental procedure aimed at preserving a tooth that is infected or damaged at the pulp level. This intricate process is meticulously carried out by experienced professionals, such as Jonathan Lee, at Endo Elements in Leatherhead.

Initial Consultation and Assessment

When a patient is referred by their dentist to Endo Elements, Jonathan your endodontic treatment begins with a thorough initial consultation. If you are experiencing discomfort, prompt attention is given to alleviate the pain. During this consultation, X-rays and potentially a Cone Beam scan are conducted to comprehensively assess your dental situation.

Day of Treatment: Precision and Care

On the day of the treatment, Jonathan prioritises the comfort of the patient. A meticulous approach is taken to ensure your well-being throughout the procedure. Beginning with numbing the area, a rubber sheet is placed around the tooth to maintain a dry environment during the treatment process. Using specialised equipment, Jonathan will carefully access the tissue within the tooth and remove any infected pulp that remains, ensuring precise cleaning and gentle filing of the root canal.

Monitoring and Second Treatment Phase

After the initial treatment, the tooth goes through a settling period, during which any post-surgery soreness is managed. You are encouraged to contact Jonathan directly if you have any concerns. Your well-being is Jonathan’s priority.

 The second treatment phase is initiated once the tooth has settled and is no longer sensitive. Jon fills the tooth with a specialised substance and organises the placement of a crown to ensure the tooth remains strong and protected.

Ensuring Long-Term Success

Endodontic treatment at Endo Elements aims for long-term success. The survival of the treated tooth depends on various factors including oral hygiene, how well the tooth is restored, and the forces exerted on the tooth during biting. Post-treatment care and regular follow-ups are essential for maintaining the health of the treated tooth.

Root canal treatment is a critical dental procedure that demands skill, precision, and a patient-centred approach. At Endo Elements, the commitment to providing thorough and personalised care is evident at every step of the endodontic treatment process.

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