Consultation with radiographs£95
Consultation with radiographs and 3D cone beam CT scan£190
Incisor or canine root canal treatmentfrom £700
Incisor or canine retreatmentfrom £750
Premolar root canal treatmentfrom £775
Premolar retreatmentfrom £800
Molar root canal treatmentfrom £795
Molar retreatmentfrom £850
Perforation repair / post or instrument removalIncluded in the treatment fee
Apicectomyfrom £750

Consultation with radiographs and written report


Incisor or canine

from £575

Incisor or canine retreatment

from £600


from £595

Premolar retreatment

from £650


from £695

Molar retreatment

from £850

Perforation repair / post or instrument removal

Included in the treatment fee


from £700