Referral information

Telephone: 01372 231888 / 897197
Email: [email protected]

We accept endodontic referrals by all the usual means. Please be assured we will only carry out what the patient has been referred for, and we always return your patient to you for ongoing care.

If a treatment plan deviates in any way, we will always endeavour to discuss this with you before the treatment occurs. Feel free to write or email your referral or call me if you wish to discuss a case. I look forward to working with you in the near future and for years to come.

* Endodontic Consultation Fee Is £95

We Accept Referrals For

  • Root canal treatment
  • Root canal retreatment, perforation repair and instrument retrieval
  • Apical microsurgery (apicectomies)
  • Trauma
  • Internal / External Whitening
  • Immature open apices

Really grateful to Dr Lee for the great service. If I had not been to so many other doctors in UK and abroad before I would have assumed it was a simple procedure.
The way Dr Lee found the issue so easily when so many others have failed before gave total confidence that he is really a master in his profession.

Thank you so much!

Egidio Perestrelo