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So, I am being referred to an Endodontist. Why do I need to see a specialist for a root canal? & Why can’t my local dentist carry out my root canal treatment?

Why did my dentist refer me?

Your dentist referred you to a specialist:

  • Because the problem may be too complex and requires a specialist approach.
  • Your dentist may want to ensure you receive the highest level of care and improved outcomes to save the tooth.

It is similar to your GP referring a patient to the hospital for specialist treatment; your dentist has chosen to refer you to a specialist for a more expert opinion.

If you have concerns, please feel free to talk to your dentist about why, as they will be willing to discuss their reasons with you.

What is an endodontist?

  • An endodontist is a specialist that works exclusively on the nerve and roots of the tooth. They have had three more years of further training in this area, and they are highly skilled and very talented.
  • An endodontist also is fully equipped with microscopes and specialist tools to enable them to seek the intricate areas of the root.
  • An Endodontist will also have alternative options for pain management and maybe more experienced in providing localised anaesthesia during and after a root canal, as there are occasions when a highly inflamed tooth cannot be numbed using the typical techniques.

What Can I Expect from Endo Elements?

At your initial consultation, the team will take an X-Ray of the affected tooth to determine the situation and investigate to see if the problem can be solved (you can bring your current x-rays). Jon or Jelena will then discuss the case at hand and the prognosis of the tooth. The team have a tremendous success rate.

Treatment: The team will carry out an appropriate procedure to make you comfortable. This may include a local anaesthetic to allow you to feel as comfortable as possible throughout the process. They will then isolate the tooth to avoid saliva compromising the “site’ using a dental dam. They then begin the complex process of finding the intricate canals and cleaning the infected pulps. After this is complete, they will dress or seal the tooth. The process is slow, but we make you feel highly comfortable.

Our endodontist may have you back for a further appointment to check your healing. After your root treatment is complete, you will notice that any pain will gently subside.

If you have concerns about your tooth, perhaps you get a sharp pain or sensitivity when you eat, and you don’t know what to do, please feel free to book an appointment to see us, and we can check your tooth.

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